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Death borders upon our birth, and our cradle stands in the grave. Our birth is nothing but our death begun. Bishop Hall



The Unbreakable Promise


You promised you would never go....


I got a call one morning that you were gone....


We said it wasn’t true....


You would not break the unbreakable promise.....


 minutes into hours


We were all at the house....


and the call was true


You were gone....


Who will tell the kids?


   Hours Into Days


He told the kids....


We made a cd to play when we laid you to rest...


The kids looked their best as they passed you and said good bye!


We all cried till we couldn’t cry anymore...


    Days Into Weeks


Back to work back to school....


A whole new life learning to function without you...


finally your gravestone to tell us your really gone!


     Weeks Into Months


We all had a birthday....


The holidays came and went....


The kids still ask about you...


What is the right thing to say?


No one knows!


     Months Into A Year


You promised you would never go....


Today its been a year since you broke the unbreakable promise!

This memorial website was created to remember 
Dorothy Lou "Sissy" Knott,  
Daughter of Donn and Barbara Matthews
she was born in Tiffin, Ohio
on January 10, 1979
and passed away on
February 8, 2007. 
You will live forever in our memories and hearts. 

Latest Memories
Daddy 8 Years Later February 8, 2015
Well here we are another yead has gone by and I still find my self wishing things where different. I know everything happens for a reason and i not need to know why but sometimes it sucks. Miss ya Baby Girl. All my Love Daddy
Daddy baby girl February 8, 2014
well baby girl 7 years ago today i go the call that changed my life forever.been a hard 7 years and i really miss ya but i now now you are in a better place now. Love Ya always and forever
Daddy Christmas December 25, 2013
Mery Christmas Baby GirlLaughing miss you alot on the holidays Love DAD
angel mom November 9, 2013
Mommy this is Angel and i miss you so much it has been so long since you left.I love you with all my heart and soul. We miss you so much watch over tiny for me please. I will be up there with you some day and so will the wrest of the family.I want you to know we are all fine we have bad times we have good times. school is going good for everybody.I love you.Aunt Shirlee's birthday is thursday.We all wish you were here with us but it was your time to go i can not wait till christmas cause i might get an ipod so i can get on this site and message you everyday even though your not here with us i can still text you because you are watching over us and you can see what i am typing to you.My birthday is comming up an i am proud because i can't wait to se what i got for my birthday.So far knowone is getting coal in there stockings.Chris and Allison are being kids just like they always are.I LOVE YOU SOOOOO much.i miss youCry your the best.
Daddy Baby girl February 13, 2013
Well baby girl can not believe its been 6 years.still think bout you alot.sometimes more when i hear a song on radio.some some songs make me miss you are always in my heart and thoughts.all my love dad
Latest Condolences
chris your favorite June 10, 2017
I love u i wish u were still here (I LOVE U SO MUCH)Tongue Out
. . August 17, 2016
I'm honestly exhausted of trying. I'm exhausted of trying to be enough for everyone. All i get is shit on... So what's the point? I honestly don't see a point anymore. All i do is mess up.. I mess up everything around me. I'm ganna mess up my future. I take after you in every way possible.. Seriously, name something about you... And you'll reaalize you're describing me as well.. I'm trying to better myself. It's just hard to do when I have so many negative people in my life, and all I ever seem to do is upset/ disappoint them. I don't have anyone.. I used to. I used to have dad, and a million other people that were there for me. For whatever I needed. Now look at me, I have Mikayla. She's the single most important thing in my life. She's more like my sister and I have no idea what I'd do without her.. She's always been there for me, always keeps my secrets, never turns her back on me although I have turned mine on her.. Many of times. I get that from you as well. Turning your back on the ones who love you the most and leaving them in the dust with the rest of the shit you just toss aside. But she understands why I do what I do.. She excepts me for who I am and she does everything she possibly can to make sure my day is well and if I'm having troubles, she attemps to fix them. Then there's him.. He's absolutely amazing and I can't see myself without him. He just simply doesn't see us that way.. Claims he does, but i have trouble letting people in and believing they care about me.. I just set my expectations to high when it comes to people and i dont want to be disappointed when he doesn't meet them because he can't.. because he has other obligations he needs to attend to. which i understand. what can i expect. its just me. and im nothing
Ally Love May 10, 2015

happy mothers day I wish you could be hear right now but you are not I love you so much 
angel Love May 10, 2015

Mom happy Mother's Day I wish u were here to celebrate with us but ur not  i love u infinity times I miss u so much and I with I could visit u  but I can't  I will  see u when my time  comes  we all love u and hope to see u soon good night mommy

You know who i am. idek yet. November 27, 2014
Hey mom. Happy Thanksgiving!!(: Not a day goes by  that I don`t think about you. I wish you was still here... I wonder all the time how things would be with you here... My life's so friggen complicated... And I only have legit 3 people to help me that  trust will ALWAYS be there no matter what the situation and won't judge me. I'm thankful for those 3 people.. They make my life soooo much easier.. I miss you.. I  love you.. 
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